Stronger Together

The education and learning process in Venture schools is a collaborative one; we learn from each other. We all respect and support one another.

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Stronger Together Continued

Our teachers are constantly refining and developing the tried and tested teaching techniques that they use.

Venture MAT arranges an exciting programme of professional development each year to support staff in delivering engaging and effective learning experiences for our children. Training is delivered by experts from both within and outside the organisation.

Venture schools have in-house expertise including:

-Narrative Journeying linked to storytelling approaches to literacy
-Outdoor Education including Forest and Beach Schools
-Early Years play based learning
-Mastery Mathematics
-Systematic Synthetic Phonics
-Shared Reading
-Special Educational Needs & Inclusion
-Middle Leadership and Management
-Initial Teacher Training

Teachers within the MAT hold a range of professional roles including NLEs, SLEs, DfE grammar experts, and Mastery Mathematics specialists.