Amazing Places

Venture schools are stimulating and exciting places in which to learn. Resources are carefully chosen for their ability to motivate and support learning. Pupils are encouraged to take risks in safe and controlled environments.

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Amazing Places Continued

Venture schools are special places. They are incredibly well resourced and maintained to the highest standards. As a result everyone is very proud of our schools; pupils flourish, staff value working in a comfortable environment and parents are confident that their children are safe and enjoying their education.

-Technology supports both creativity and access to information.

-Incredible libraries foster a life long love of books.

-Role play areas allow children to immerse themselves in the physicality of a topic and explore and rehearse language and technical vocabulary through drama.

-Science investigations challenge thinking and offer the opportunity to explore ideas and questions.

-Outdoor classrooms encourage children to develop an affinity for nature and offer physical challenges and risk in a safe environment.

-Area Resource Bases support pupils with special educational
needs and disabilities.

We encourage children to develop their understanding of risk and how to assess it. Pupils have access to skate ramps, go-karts, skateboards, scooters, zip wires and a range of age appropriate climbing apparatus including frames, walls and boulders.