Dare To Be Different

Venture schools are creative and imaginative organisations. They push boundaries, think outside the box and tell their own stories.

Venture schools are uniquely different from one another. They support differing communities and develop their own curriculum, characteristics and expertise. We encourage and celebrate difference.

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Dare To Be Different Continued

The members have ultimate control over the academy trust, with the ability to appoint some of the trustees and the right to amend the trust’s articles of association.

The board of trustees have a range of professional backgrounds including: financial, legal, education, human resources and construction. Their role is to create policy, hold the CEO to account, review the work of the LGBs, monitor the standards in each school and agree and monitor the budget.

Venture schools are governed by individual local governing bodies (LGBs). This is to ensure that each school’s unique character and link with the local community is maintained. Using a scheme of delegation, powers are devolved by the board of trustees and are dependant upon the capacity, skills and experience of the individual LGB’s to undertake various roles. A representative from the board attends each LGB meeting to offer support and guidance. Broadly, a governor’s role is to monitor the school’s approach to learning, hold key post holders to account and to ensure that priorities and policies are implemented and maintained effectively.

Each school has its own School Improvement Plan. This plan defines the school’s priorities and the actions that are to be taken to address them. The financial requirements of the plan are met in each individual school’s budget.