Learning without Limits

Venture schools are characterised by their high standards across the full curriculum at all ages. Our children thrive on their success; academically, in sporting competitions and by achieving personal goals that they set for themselves in the outdoors.

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Learning without Limits Continued

You know when you’re in a Venture school because there’s a buzz and excitement about the place. Dynamic approaches to learning ensure that children are engaged in and excited by their work. The success that follows spreads across all areas of school life.

Standards achieved by pupils attending Venture schools are amongst the highest in the country.

Individual schools are free to create a curriculum of their own. The multi academy trust offers support and guidance in the development and monitoring of teaching and learning.

We empower teachers to inspire and guide students through innovative practice which meets the individual needs of their pupils.

Structures and methodologies for monitoring quality of learning, school improvement, target setting and performance management are very carefully aligned to ensure they support creative and imaginative approaches to learning and staff wellbeing.